The Turning Point is a center for holistic approach to mental health problems of the community. Due to rapid changes in the family and fabric of the community, people face various problems related to their mental health and wellness.
The medical need of the community is basically in the area of psychiatric disorders like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety, Substance Abuse and Psychosomatic Illnesses.
We help patients with these  disorders apart from reaching out to distressed community.
People at Parivartan
Dr. Rajendra Barve has contributed to the mental wellness movement in the community for the past several years. He reaches out to people through his columns on mental health in the popular journals and magazines.
He appears on the television responding to queries over telephones  and participates in several panel discussions and seminars. He has been invited to deliver similar services at various national and international forums.
The center has been designed to deliver quality mental health service at affordable costs.  It is conveniently located at Dadar in Mumbai near well known landmarks like Plaza cinema and Shivaji Mandir Theatre.
The name Parivartan has been coined with the idea of offering a turning point to people; to transform them into individuals  who find more meaning and value in life while overcoming mental health hazards.
You can read more about Dr. Rajendra Barve here
Mr. Johann Thomas
B.A. Hons. (Psychology).
M.A in Clinical psychology (Mumbai University).
Diploma in Yoga Therapy (Mumbai University).
Work Experience: 8 years
Ms. Gouri Kothari
BA. Hons.(Psychology).
M.Sc (Psychology).
M.S (psychotherapy).
Work experience: 6 years
Ms. Saee Mhatre
BA Hons. (Psychology).
Post graduate diploma in special education.
Work experience: 6 years
Shreedhar Kulkarni
Educational And Child Counsellor.
Mamata Phanasekar
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist.
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